How to Become a Fashion Designer When You Are a Kid

There are two schools of thought on the qualities needed to become a fashion designer. One school of thought believes that an eye for fashion is inborn and God gifted and cannot be acquired through practice and perseverance. The other school of thought on the other hand believes that it is hard work and perseverance that can make a style designer out of a kid.

However, a look at the successful fashion designers of the world would confirm that it is a blend of talent and hard work that can make a successful fashion designer out of a kid.

So what are the qualities that make a successful fashion-cum-body art designer? Let us take a look at the principles and qualities:

First, a natural flair for design is a must, be it a design for men or design for women. An aspiring designer must have the basic acumen for men’s fashion or women fashion. The fashion designer must be able to, on the top of the head, decide a design for any category whatsoever.

Second, an aspiring fashion designer needs to have a formal training. A diploma or a degree in a fashion institute of repute will just do fine. The fashion designer will be adequately trained on the various aspects of the business of fashion designing which are so critical. This will go on to make a complete designer.

Third, an aspiring designer must have an ideal blend of knowledge with the theoretical aspects of fashion design as well as the practical aspects of fashion design. Hence, the fashion designer will design fashion with a blend of theoretical knowledge and its ideal practical application. Such a combination goes on to make for a good fashion designer.

Fourth, an aspiring designer must be good at making basic sketches. A basic sketch gives a good idea of how the design will finally like. Hence, a good fashion art designer must be able to visualize in mind how the design will look like in the end and draw a sketch accordingly.

Fifth, good visualization skills for a fashion designer are a must. A good designer must also have an eye for details. While designing the most intricate of the designs, an eye for detail is a critical quality that a designer must possess. A good visualization serves as an inspiration and sets the objective for the final design.

Hence, a designer must be equally good at men’s fashion and women fashion. This profession is however, not a bed of roses, with high competition and a high failure and rejection rates, it is always a steep climb.

All You Need To Know About The Fashion Industry

Fashion industry is the industry of excellence and really a creative industry. It is quite larger in profits and growth than magazine publication, film and music industry. The major field of profit in apparel industry is the textile design and development.

Once you introduce some latest trends of fashion to customers, there’s some development and once this development increases, at the same time the profit increases. You have to be well aware of fashion driven concept in apparel industry. It’s fine because it assists in potential sales development. Styles are based on the freedom to copy but in case an act prohibits fashion designers to copy, then there could be a big trouble.

Trend is ever changing

The truth is that the fashion keeps on changing on regular basis. The main customers of global apparel industry are international and domestic clothe manufacturers, retail merchants and fashion designers.

If the ‘right of first publication’ act is introduced in fashion world, then there could be some trouble because unique design culture of fashion designs will come up under the extreme legitimate scrutiny.

Fashion industry network

The individuals have to build up their personal profiles to highlight their professional experience. It’s the important fact that apparel industry wouldn’t work without the factors like distribution and warehousing.

Any industry that’s associated directly to textile or fashion business is welcomed to apparel industry network. The primary goal of apparel industry network is to open dialogue over several segments of apparel industry. This open dialogue is mainly in the business fields.

The glamorous industry

There’s some struggle behind the glamour of apparel industry. Broadly speaking, once the word style sticks your brain, you will think of some publications, red carpets and Runway fashion models but there is actually more inside.

Most importantly, all the job tracks that is associated to style are interesting whether they are the technical or creative business side of apparel fashion industry.

Creative careers in apparel industry

You’ll get job like fabric designer, illustrator, hairstylists, costumer and some other designing positions in the creative side of fashion business. There’s eventually other side of fashion known as the business side. The excellent careers which you can get in this field are marketing administrator, fashion merchant, purchaser or trend predictor.

Everyone in this world wants to look glamorous but they have to understand that it needs some attention and opening move to get it.

Designing the clothes in a new and glamorous way is the most crucial job which the designer or his team undertakes. Designing is the passion in fashion industry that’s performed by all form of society. The truth is that woman or man is made naturally to get some normal tendency to appear good and focused.

Want to Become a Fashion Designer: Tips to Get the Best Designs

Do you know what the latest fashion trend in town is? Are you interested in fashion? These days’ people are very much concerned about themselves and they always want to make sure that they look good. There are various ways with the help of which you can create a makeover for yourself.

Choosing the right fashion trend at the right point of time can really help you big beautiful. Fashion is not for women or not only for men. Both men and women can equally follow the fashion trend of their time.

The fashion trends tend to change with time and with generation. Fashion does not only mean the kind of dress you wear, it also means the style of the dress along with the colors and the designs.

At certain point of time floral pattern was in fashion but at certain time it was the polka dots which took over the fashion trend. If you want to make sure that you flow according to the fashion trend then you should choose your garments according to the latest design.

If you yourself wish to become a fashion designer then you need to have a sense of fashion and you must understand what people want. You also need to understand about the colors used for the dresses.

Light and dark colors are the two most important things present. You should understand when people would love to wear the light colors and when the dark colors. If you want to enter into the field of fashion the first thing you must be capable of is drawing. Without being a good artist you cannot become a good designer.

You need to maintain a copy where you can draw your designs and can show it off to people who can buy your designs. There are usually two kinds of designs that you can create.

One is for the class and the other one is for the mass. It is important to understand the need of both these sections. If you want to make it really big in this field then it is always better to go for a professional training on fashion designing.

With the help of this training you will be able to understand each and every little detail required in this job. The popularity of fashion designing as a career has increased in the recent past.

Young students are leaving the clichéd ideas regarding their career choices and trying out something new. If you have an idea about the fashion industry then you might be aware of the popularity of the designers throughout the world. Fashion has grown over the years to become an important part and parcel of people’s life.

Fashion boutiques offer dresses for both men and women according to their choices. To get the best designs for yourself you should study the recent as well as the old trend in fashion. This will help you create something unique which has never been created before by any of the designers.

Social Media As a Platform for Fashion

It’s a fact – social media is booming. Players in the social networking world include; Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to name a few. With more people connecting to share ideas and opinions, it is clear that these sites are perfect for launching new business – something that the fashion industry has picked up on.

So how are the players in the fashion world using social media? Many of the trendy insiders have realised the importance of social media, as it allows them a platform in which to generate interest quickly. Another major change is that the dialog between designers, bloggers and social media gurus has opened up. Designers understand their customers are consuming media at mach-5 speeds. Likewise, magazines realise it’s not about printing information three months after fashion weekends.

The integration of social media with fashion has come at a time where content is instantly accessible for consumers wherever and whenever they want it. Consumers are more tech savvy now; often using dual and in some cases triple screens. The boom in mobile phone technology means that every consumer wants to be seen with the latest gadgets.

Fashion and phones are a natural fit; especially now that manufacturers have collaborated with high end fashion houses to produce beautiful and trendy handsets (think of the new line of LG phones). Every fashion conscious consumer wants the latest and most fashionable phone available – especially if it enhances their lifestyle and makes connecting with others easier.

Almost every phone on the market now will allow a consumer to voice their opinion via a social medium and businesses realise this. Diesel integrated social media into one of their latest campaigns by setting up QR codes in their stores for different products. Consumers who entered the stores were invited to “like” the items on Facebook using their mobiles so they could let their friends know what they were looking at. This campaign has been praised for its ingenuity and proves the link between phones, fashion and social media is here to stay.

Whether you are interested in fashion or not, it is difficult to escape the constant bombardment of information on the latest fashions and trends that we receive through social media and the internet. From the fashion blogs, to the live streaming of catwalk shows from the main fashion weeks, to photo shoots and the social shopping where we get all sorts of opinions on different pieces of clothing through Facebook, Twitter and even retailers own websites.

The fashion industry is definitely becoming more accessible to the general public. Brands and retailers are not only using social media as a way of communicating with their customers but also a way of listening to them. Marc Jacobs is known to have set up his plus sized range based on feedback received through social media.

In the last few months, the latest craze amongst fashion enthusiasts and bloggers is voting and participating on a new social site called The Shopping Forecast, which also allows user to make outfits and enter fashion competitions. The interesting difference of this site is the voters opinion really counts. The information collected on the site will be used to help fashion industry buyers make more informed decisions on what to stock for the season ahead.

Retailers and fashion brands have also been involving the public in the design processes for their clothing. Just recently there has been a rush of retailers setting up programs to help gather customer feedback on the fashions and trends for the season ahead including Debenhams, ASOS and Calvin Klein.

Christian Dior: Understanding the World of the Famed Fifties Fashion Designer

Christian Dior lived from January 21st 1905 to October 1957. Dior was a French designer. He founded one of the top fashion houses in the world. The fashion house is now under the ownership of Groupe Arnault.

Christian was born in a water town, within the coastal region of Normandy, France. The town is referred to as Granville. He was born second of five children. He was the child of Maurice Dior. The elder Dior was a prosperous producer of fertilizer. The firm of the family was Dior Frères. His mother was formerly known as Isabelle Cardamone. Dior had four siblings: Raymond, Bernard, Jacqueline and Catherine. The familial unit made the move to Paris when Christian was five years old. The entire family returned time and again to the Normandy coastal region while on Holiday in the summertime.

The family wanted the eventual designer to become a diplomat. Dior, though, was quite expressive and had an artistic bent. He was moved by emotion when he worked in the field of art. Dior earned money from the sale of his fashion blueprints. He was paid ten cents (U.S.) for each drawing. Dior left school, eventually. In 1928, he attained money from his father. With the money, he financed a modest gallery of art. He and an acquaintance sold art to patrons, by famous artists such as Pablo Picasso. Dior’s mother and brother passed away-three years later. Financial hardship became a reality. A financial disaster to the family fertilizer business happened during the Great Depression. The gallery closed its doors as well.

Dior became the employee of the well-known designer of fashion: Robert Piguet. The preceding event occurred in 1937. The famous designer allowed Dior to create fashions for three of his collections. It was through the instruction of Piguet that Dior learned the valuable lesson of fashion simplicity. A day dress which was referred to as “Café Anglais” was welcomed by the general public. Dior worked, in conjunction with Pierre Balmain and was succeeded by Marc Bohan. Marc Bohan became the head of design at Christian Dior Paris, during the 60s. Dior parted ways with Piguet when he was called into military service.

Dior left the Army in 1942. When he did, he joined the fashion house of Lucien Lelong. Balmain and Dior were the key designers at the fashion house. Dior remained an employee at the house for the remainder of World War II. He worked tirelessly in his labors to preserve the fashion industry during the war. His dedication was based on artistic and economic beliefs. Christian Dior fashionably clothed the spouses of the Nazi officers. Other fashion houses did the same-fashion venues such as Jeanne Lanvin, Nina Ricci, and Jean Patou. Dior’s sister, Catherine (1917 – 2008) was a member of the French resistance. She was captured by the Gestapo, at the time, and sent to a concentration camp. She remained incarcerated at the concentration camp until she was liberated in May of 1945.

The most prosperous man in France, in 1946, was Marcel Boussac. Boussac invited Dior to become a designer for Philippe et Gaston-a fashion house in Paris-established in 1925. Dior, however, wanted to make a name for himself and establish his own business. He was backed by Boussac in founding his fashion house. Dior’s first line was named Corolle. Corolle was presented to the public on February 12th of 1947. The name in English means circlet of flower petals. The phrase of New Look was the name given to the line by Carmel Snow, Editor-in-Chief of Harper’s Bazaar.

The Dior designs had much more in the way of depth and volume than the boxier shapes of the World War II era. The World War II fashion was in line with conservation of material. Dior was a masterful genius in way of establishing beautiful silhouettes. He combined fabrics lined with percale and provided much in the way of bodices supporting a fuller-style. His design involved a style where models tended to appear more curvaceous. His dresses flared out from the waist area. The area of the waist was uniquely small.

Some women did not like the additional fabric, at first, due to the conservation of fabric found in the designs of the forties. The opposition eventually became a thing of the past when the shortages of World War II ended. The “New Look” provided women with a revolutionary form of dress. His design reestablished Paris as a center of fashion.

Dior passed away while on Holiday in Montecatini, Italy. The date was October 24th of 1957. Prior to his passing, Dior was nominated, in 1955, for Best Costume Design. His design was created for Terminal Station. The director was Vittorio De Sica. The film was produced in 1953. After his death, in 1967, the fashion designer was nominated for a BAFTA, for Best British Costume Color for Arabesque-directed by Stanley Donen (1966).

In conclusion, the Dior legend lives on: Many artists, since the 50s have mentioned the name Dior in their songs and in their stories.

Catching Up With Latest Fashion Trends

Fashion is an integral part of your life. It is something which you cannot ignore as it affects your personality. However, it is something which is ever changing and you need to change with it too. There are so many funky, beautiful as well as classic fashion trends that one can follow. The best way to keep updated about the latest fashion trends is by browsing various fashion magazines. Some of the popular names in this regards is Elle, Vogue, Cosmopolitan etc. These magazines are very helpful in giving a clear idea about what’s happening in the world of fashion. Also, fashion magazines reveal information about various stores selling the latest fashion clothing and accessories.

Another great way to keep updated about latest fashion trends is to watch various fashion shows. In these shows, designers display their latest fashion trends. Also, you can check various fashion websites and blogs that provide you with latest news about trends, materials and wears. Moreover, you can also take advice by fashion experts online. Following fashion is not only a necessity but also it’s a fun activity. After all, everyone wants to look good and impress people around.

You should never hesitate from wearing what you want to wear. Also, you should never copy the latest fashion trends blindly. It’s not that everything will look good on you and thus, you should try to figure out the outfits that make you look great. The outfit that you are wearing shall be comfortable. There is no point in wearing a dress which is uncomfortable or difficult to carry. The most important thing in fashion is how one is able to carry his or herself. Fashion accessories are also a great addition to your personality. You will find a host of such accessories for both men and women available in the market. Some of the current fashion trends include big chain bags, striking studs and big pendants. High heel shoes, zipper boots and boots having large buckles are also a hit among teenagers these days. Military style clothing and accessories are still extremely popular among masses.

Lastly, your clothes speak a lot about your personality. You have to understand that fashion is not only about looking good, but is much more than that. As there is gigantic range of choices available for you, just follow these simple tips and you will be always updated about the latest fashion trends.

Fashion Trends – A Must For The Fashion Conscious

Whether at Page 3 parties or at blog spots, everyone wants to be up to date in what they wear or say or like or how they behave. Keeping abreast of fashion trends ensures that one does not make a social gaffe in interacting with ones peers.

What is in fashion keeps on changing. The pace of change is very fast now. Haute couture changes every spring and fall and perhaps even in between. The Top of the Pops is never top of the pops for long. Hence it is very easy to make a mistake – to go to a social event wearing bold orange when the colour of the season is pastel yellow. Decades ago fashion trends use to filter down by word of mouth. People would talk about what trend setters were wearing and start emulating them. However this process of information was very slow. And by the time the public at large began to adapt, the trends went out of fashion.

Today the situation is different. Fashion trends are set not by the social elite but by the purveyors of fashion. Fashion houses preview their fall collection in the middle of summer so that everyone knows what will be in fashion in fall. Marketing campaigns decide which perfume women will soon be wearing. And because fashion is big business fashion trends are not guarded secretively as they once were. The more people that become aware of what is in fashion, the greater will be the sales of fashion goods. Therefore it is in the interest of producers of fashion goods and services that they announce their plans loud and clear.

Word of mouth trickle down is no longer in vogue. There are scores of magazines on every aspect of fashion that are doing rip-roaring business. There are web sites by the dozens that are updated regularly informing the surfer of what is in and what is out. Hence if you are fashion conscious with a little effort you can stay abreast of the fashion trends.

Tips on Picking the Right Kind of Women’s Fashion For You

No one is more diligent than women when it comes to fashion, beauty, and anything that can help them enhance their looks and boost their self esteem. Women have been finding ways to improve their look for as long as we can remember and are willing to try and experiment with anything that can enhance their beauty.

Which is why you will find that the women’s fashion industry is one that never goes out of business as it is always on the move to meet the demands of today’s fashion clothing industry. From clothing, to jewelry to footwear, the world of ladies fashion is always changing and coming up with new trends, styles and different kinds of new and fresh looks to keep up with the times and more importantly, keep up with women’s demands.

Since we are presented with so many different fashion clothing options and style choices, how do we pick the looks which are going to match us the best? One thing we need to remember about ladies fashion is that it can either work for you, or against you. Pick the right looks, and you could look fabulous, but pick the wrong looks and it can be an instant fashion disaster.

Some tips that women could follow when it comes to choosing the right kind of women’s fashion are:

– Know your figure before you pick out any outfit. The worst thing you could do when going shopping is to pick out random things which look nice on the rack but perhaps not as good when you try them on, or to pick outfits simply to follow the fashion trend at the time. Yes, all women want to be fashionable and be seen wearing the latest women’s fashion, but fashion does not necessarily suit all types of women. Know your body type and experiment with what looks good on you, that way you will know what to pick out when you go shopping.

– Look for tips, advice and guidance in magazines and style programs on TV. If you happen to be one of those women who has no clue where to begin when it comes to picking out fashion clothing, then fashion magazines and style programs are going to be your saving grace. Look to them for guidance and tips on what look might work for you. They will also have the latest trends for you to look at so you know which looks are hot right now.

– When in doubt while purchasing, get a second opinion. It is always best to shop with some friends that you can trust to give you good style tips and give you a second opinion if you are not sure whether you want to purchase an outfit or not.

Remember that being fashionable or fashion forward doesn’t mean blindly following all the latest fashion trends out there even if it may not necessarily suit you. Pick the right kind of fashion for you, and always buy only what looks good and helps to enhance your looks and you can avoid being a fashion catastrophe.

Fashion Copywriting Services

The fashion industry is also a lucrative environment for copywriting services. Various companies such as garments enterprises are in need for write-ups to be used for their development such as for advertisements, press releases and newspaper stories. However, most freelance copywriting services are in demand with fashion magazines.

The fashion industry is sensitive and very aesthetic. Thus, you should have the natural talent and creative niche. If you lack fashion sense at all, or at least a good knowledge of what looks good, what will be your idea of a fashionable write-up? If you don’t yet, don’t fret, you can still improve yourself. Not that you need to go over a physical makeover, you will not be the fashion model, but the writer. Just be creative and study the latest trends in the fashion industry.

Also, the creative talent to write is important. Fashion sense without the coherence of a good article is dead as an ogre’s toenail, but plain writing skill without fashion sense is a pallid ghost. So you need to have a good fashion sense and great writing skills.

The way to gather information on the fashion trends is through magazines. Read more to write more. Visit fashion websites, or subscribe to a handful of high-standard fashion magazines. By imitating the writing style, you can learn how to better yourself. However, do not copy the actual lines, as you will be charged with plagiarism.

Most fashion magazines have a fashion style bit. Through reading different magazines, you should be able to figure out your preferences, in the different aspects of the fashion industry. Maybe you want to focus on futuristic trends or maybe you want to write articles dealing with cosmetics, the fashion industry is a big business, and you will not be outsourced with topics as long as you know how to sniff for them.

After you have settled with your niche, aim to concentrate on your preferences, it is enjoyable to write about the things you truly have interest in.

When starting your fashion copywriting services, you should also establish a network. You can create an extensive network of contacts for publications and publishing houses that are potential clients. You can collect this information from the contact details or in some cases, through browsing different websites.

Most clients would like to see your sample work. Since you are beginning from scratch you will need to write at the very least extremely impressive fashion articles that you do not plan to publish but to serve merely as a proof of what you are capable of.

From the contact details you have collected from these magazines, communicate with editors and make sure to refer them by their proper name as a head-on that you indeed know what you are dealing. Also, you should be polite in asking them for manuscript guidelines and attach your portfolio (sample work). While waiting for the inquiries, continue approaching the editors. Provided you are very capable and have the persistence, clients will swarm you as bees would swarm a honey comb.

You should not out rightly expect to have high earnings for your first client. Your published articles will accumulate to develop your portfolio. For starting writers, published articles are like goldmines so never despair to have low earnings at the start. Just work hard and continue to grow. In due time your reputation as a good fashion copywriter will skyrocket.

Evolution of The Indian Fashion Industry

The fact that Indians have always been fashionable can be traced back to the ancient times. Several artifacts unearthed at the Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro sites have revealed that the men and women of that era were indeed fashion conscious. Post independence, Indian fashion was affected by globalization. This ushered in a new era in the Indian fashion industry. Here are some factors that helped in the evolution of the Indian fashion industry.

Beauty shows – The beauty pageants have helped shape the Indian fashion scenario. Indian women have done the country proud by winning several international titles. Their style of dressing has drawn the attention of the world towards the Indian fashion industry.

Cultural diversity – The country is inhabited by various ethnic groups that have their own unique fashion style. The designers have interwoven the diverse styles to create beautiful works of art.

Bollywood – Indian movies and fashion share a deep connection. The common man takes his or her cues about everyday dressing from the films.

Liberalization – Globalization has made it easier for Indian designers to keep a tab on the latest western trends and incorporate the same in their styles.

Indian designers – The huge change in the Indian fashion landscape can be attributed to the coming into prominence of several designers. In the past few years, India has been witness to the rise of world-famous designers who have charmed the world with their unique creations. Some of the well-known names in the fashion industry are Manish Malhotra, Ritu Beri, Ritu Kumar, Hemant Trivedi, Rohit Bal, Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Wendell Rodricks, Tarun Tahiliani, J J Valaya and many more.

Indian fashion wear has been evolving at a constant pace thanks to globalization. Fashion now is more cosmopolitan. The traditional outfits of salwar kameez and saree are now being worn in several different styles. Hundreds of different styles of draping the saree have come forth. Several styles of blouses such as halter-neck, katori style, high neck blouses, back button blouses, puffed sleeve blouses, etc. are widely available. The salwar kameez has also seen many changes. From short tunics to long ankle length ones, Indian women have embraced a wide range of cuts and styles. It has become an Indo-Western attire loved by women on the go.

Over the years, India has evolved as one of the most fashion-conscious destinations in the world. The incredibly talented designers of the country have helped India make its mark in the global platform. It is boom time for the fashion industry now, and the coming years will only see India shine brighter in the world fashion landscape.